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CASE STUDIES / 3 Jul 2017 /

CASE STUDY: Styling socials for property staging specialists

Bowerbird Interiors is Sydney’s leading property staging company. In October 2016, they reached out to Jaden Social with a desire to increase their brand awareness and drive lead acquisition through social media marketing, including paid digital advertising.

The brief

The initial campaign objectives for Bowerbird were driving lead acquisition through social media and search engine advertising, audience growth and increased engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and growing and nurturing their email database.

Social media content, digital advertising creative and email marketing campaigns needed to reflect Bowerbird’s premium product and signature style. Their tagline “Love The Detail” was adopted by the Jaden Social team and was crucial to the successful execution of this campaign.

The strategy

The first step with any new client is mastering the tone of voice and posting style. Bowerbird’s signature spaced-caps headline is used in all social media content and immediately draws attention in the newsfeed.

O H S I E N A We are obsessed with the Siena range by globewest #bowerbirdinterior #propertstyling #lovethedetail

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Bowerbird delivered stunning video content that was amplified through social media across all platforms as well as featured in multiple Facebook advertising campaigns. After investing time and money into assets like this, it’s imperative that they reach their intended audience and result in a strong ROI.

An ongoing digital advertising campaign across Facebook and Google ensured that Bowerbird was always top-of-mind when agents or vendors begin to consider property staging for their sale strategy, and easily accessible when they begin looking.

This was achieved through targeted search engine marketing on Google, and utilising the full suite of advertising tools offered by Facebook including it’s remarketing pixel, custom and lookalike audiences as well as traditional match-based targeting to execute website click, lead generation, engagement and awareness campaigns.

Bowerbird has fully embraced the capabilities of each social media platform, utilising the carousel, canvas and slideshow formats on Facebook, stories and live stream features of Instagram and of course a variety of media types – images, animated GIFs, videos and more – to engage an audience of over 35,000 followers on three platforms.

Monthly activations have been key to driving new subscribers of Bowerbird’s email database. Product giveaways have resonated well with audiences on social media, converting a large percentage of this audience to email subscribers.

Some juicy stats

After 6 months of working with Jaden Social, Bowerbird Interiors have hit some huge milestones. Website traffic has increased 164%, their audience on Instagram has grown by 66% and Bowerbird’s email database now has close to 1,500 subscribers after starting with just 400.

There has also been fantastic growth in audience size, engagement and reach across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and with a number of leads getting in touch with Bowerbird via direct message on these platforms.

➜ 15,000 website clicks generated from advertising on Facebook and Google

➜ 66% increase in Instagram followers to reach a current total of 25,000 followers

➜ 275% increase in email database to reach 1,500 engaged, active subscribers

From the client

“Since we engaged the team at Jaden Social our strategy, execution and understanding of advertising in the digital space have improved dramatically. We have seen positive results in driving new leads and building our brand directly from our increased audience and awareness on digital platforms.

Jaden Social are an integral part of our team and how we position our business.”

– Geoff Lewis // Bowerbird Interiors

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