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DREAM TEAM / 3 May 2017 /

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Social Media Editor, Elise Ferrari

Elise Ferrari (no, she doesn’t drive one) joined the Jaden Social team in February 2016 as an account manager, before stepping into the newly-created role of social media editor at the end of last year.

She’s the first one in the office in the morning, scouring the internet for all of the major social, digital and music headlines of the day for the #Newsfeed, as well as tackling other long-form writing tasks like crafting email newsletters for our clients.

When she’s not riding her bike to work or being the grammar guru of the office, she enjoys supporting her beloved Western Sydney Wanderers and trying to perfect cold drip coffee at home.

We asked her to narrow her life-long love of music to just 11 songs, and this is what she came up with.

Now, over to you Elise.

Alli // Delete your Facebook, or delete your Instagram – which would you keep?

I would keep Facebook, just so I could keep tagging people I know in links they should read.

Steven // Devoid of money etc, what’s your choice of brand to be sponsored by and why?

There’s a Sydney-based store called Skater HQ. I’d like them to sponsor me so I can finally get the gear I need to become a roller derby referee. #TeamZebra

Amy // First concert you attended.

Technically it was Michael Jackson, but that was while my Mum was pregnant with me. In reality it was either Kylie Minogue or Jamiroquai (I’m pretty sure they were in the same year). I have to thank my Dad for taking me to a LOT of concerts when I was young.

Liam // If you could invite four celebrities to dinner, who would you invite and what meal would you share?

Presuming the celebrities have to be alive, I would invite Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler, Massimo Bottura and Pharrell Williams. I’d probably make a slow-cooked lamb, but hopefully Massimo would step into the kitchen and take over, whipping up a fresh pasta with lamb ragu.

Raul // If you had a choice win a million dollars in one hit or be able to travel around the world and get by which would you pick?

One million dollars, so I could start up the charitable organisation I have in mind.

Alex // If you could live in any movie / comic book / novel universe, which one would it be and why?

Almost Famous. Just so I could meet Lester Bangs and Ben Fong-Torres.

Jake // If you could design a Snapchat filter, what would it look like?

Lots of glitter effects.

Emir // I am a genie, give me your 3 wishes…

  1. Give me the ability to teleport
  2. Give me the ability to never be hurt or injured (getting sick is ok)
  3. Give me infinite cash to be used for good and not evil

Will // If you were a dessert what would you be?

Tiramisu. Coffee, sweetness, texture… it’s got it all!

Oliver // What is your favourite song lyric?

This is probably the hardest question of all! Being a twenty-something female, I’ve had the lyrics of wordsmith Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys) speaking to me during some very formative years. So I’m going with “Oh there ain’t no love no, Montagues or Capulets // Just banging tunes ‘n’ DJ sets ‘n’ dirty dance floors and dreams of naughtiness!” A Shakespeare reference and words that just roll off the tongue – simplistic brilliance! 

Mark // If you had to give up one type of meat, which would it be?

Does seafood count? Because I could live without that.

Brian // What is your usual Saturday morning routine?

A trip to the farmers market at Orange Grove, and then brunch and two coffee while I either read the newspaper or plan my week ahead. How boring civilised 😂

Joel // What’s your biggest claim to fame?

Being named after two cars (not really, but plenty of people think so).