About Us

Inspired by music +
Turned on by digital

Jaden Social’s passion for social media, plus developing and executing remarkable digital campaigns, began back in 2012.

Since then, we have worked with some of the biggest names in music and the major record companies behind them.

By turning up every day and doing our best work, Jaden Social has grown from a founding team of three to a family of 25+ brilliant minds.

Major entertainment and lifestyle brands are now turning to Jaden Social as a valued extension of their marketing and digital departments.

Our Brands

Jaden LIVE brings together the digital smarts of Jaden Social and Account Director Samantha Leighton’s 20 years of tour marketing experience to offer a one-stop-shop for fully integrated tour marketing campaigns that include TV, radio, print and out-of-home.
The Music Network is Australia’s #1 music industry news channel. For 20 years, we’ve been the only Australian publication with journalists dedicated to the business of music. The Hot 100 is our renowned national airplay chart, used by the major labels to report on their artists’ performance each week, and by music directors to program upcoming playlists on radio and TV.
Radio Today publishes the inside word on all things radio for almost 15,000 readers every week. 100% free, in-depth site for breaking news, survey analysis, feature stories, airplay charts and opinion pieces. Radio Today deconstructs the news, the ratings, the talent moves, the executive reshuffles and programming pivots.

We work for you
by working with you.

Proud as punch. That's how we feel about the brands that have chosen to work with us - many of which keep coming back again and again.

Our Approach


1. Intelligence

We help brands tell engaging stories across social platforms by building a business case to drive real business results.

Using our Discover, Develop and Deliver framework, we ask smart questions that will form the basis for your digital strategy.

Every Jaden Social client has a dedicated small army throughout this process; Account Director, Creative Director, Account Manager, Content & Community Manager and a Digital Campaign Manager.


2. Discover

The “Why” that drives the brand, beyond profit.

What’s keeping your brand from achieving optimal audience engagement and acquisition online?

Undiscovered, underestimated, or obvious opportunities which we can take full advantage of to grow your audience.


3. Develop

What story do we tell to your fans? How do we tell it in a captivating and inspiring way?

How do we tell the story in a relevant way to the right fans, at the right time – appropriate to each Social or Digital Channel?

How will success be measured? What goals, targets, and KPIs will be used to measure success and provide feedback?


4. Deliver

Execute and manage campaigns, activations, and communities.

Deliver world-class digital experiences to fans and potential new brand fans.

Strive towards achieving KPIs and goals using rich insights and data to make more intelligent and data-driven digital decisions.

We work for you by working with you.